Nov 6, 2007

getting back on the bus

I've been asked many times "how long does it take to recover from the Ironman?", and have answered many different ways. I was up and walking and swimming the next day, biking within 3 days, and I tried running a week after.... but I would not say I was "recovered". I think our bodies are in a constant state of rebuilding, building and recovery, and there is no set time to rest that any one person can follow. I decided to just do what my body told me to do. I stopped swimming because of it's inconvenience, and stopped running for 2 months because my previous I.T. band injury and another spot below it was hurting, and added back in a lot of weight training. I am just now starting to run again, two months later, and I already have the burning desire to run all the time again, and my leg seems much better after two months off of it. I've been obsessed with the gym, and riding my bike these past two months, and in general, feeling fine. I just did whatever workout I wanted to each day for the two months following the Ironman, and let that be my recovery plan. It was nice to let go of the structure, and it's nice to feel ready to bring it back.