Jul 13, 2008

A lesson in slowing down

August 2006 I went to Penticton Canada to sign up for the Ironman race, and I was just getting out of what I called "the dreaded boot", which is really a walking cast... as I was healing from posterior tibial tendonitis, aka running too much! It felt a little odd paying 500$ for an Ironman race, when I still hadn't healed enough to be able to run at all. August 2007, a sucessful Ironman, no injuries! July 2008... I am walking in the boot again, navicular bone fracture, at the insertion of the posterior tibial tendon (don't worry it's the other leg this time!). It is no longer the "dreaded boot" as I once called it, it's a lesson in slowing down and healing. This will be my first summer in 8 years where I haven't raced. All my summer race plans were dashed when an amplifier fell on my foot in May... and I have been hobbling and healing ever since. This year post Ironman, is officially athletically a rest year for me, even though I work out almost every day still, it doesn't feel the same. I had sensed that nothing could compare to the ironman, and now I can sense that nothing also compares to training for an ironman. Working out for 2 hours a day feels like I am not getting in my full workout, or I am not working hard enough, or I am really lazy... and I have to remind myself that most folks don't work out at all, and the ironman training days are not these days, the 5 hour workouts are on hold. It's a nice reminder that we are blessed with the bodies that we have, able as mine is most of the time, hobbling around in a boot isn't so bad at all. I have all kinds of mobility, I have been lifting lots of weights in my upper body, and I can lay around more and dream about all the 100 mile bike rides I will still get to do in this lifetime... So this august I won't be racing any Ironmans, doing any triathlons, or running any marathons, but I will be happily watching the Olympics from the comfort of my couch, and appreciating all the things I have, and all the races I have done so far, and all the ones that have yet to come.