May 16, 2010

Silverton Road Race - Chasing Amy

Silverton Road Race - Sunday May 16th, 35 miles
Two laps of rollers... or hills... or rolling hills.
I had two goals:

1) Race with tired legs
2) Descend well

I successfully did both of those things. 65 miles yesterday set me up to be tired, and a couple weeks of descending practice paid off. I learned how to lean onto the front wheel, descend in my drops, and trust my bike. I only got minor speed wobble once, which still concerns me, but I was able to adjust and control it. Sally wasn't so lucky, and her speed wobbles caused her to crash in the ditch. She was OK, but it is was a good reminder that speed wobbles are scary and serious.. and both of us need to figure out why we are getting them. Headset? Operator error? Bike fit?

It was a small field which was nice, but I did get dropped at mile 3.5, along with a few others. 3 or so were behind me, and I caught up to Amy from Bend. I spent the next 25 miles inches from her rear wheel, trying to pull a couple times but she was simply stronger. I slipped back about 200m with 10 miles to go, and spent the last 10 holding that 200m gap. I could see her ahead of me, but that was it, I was tired.

I was really happy with the way I was able to go down the hills. I stayed in my drops and did most of lap two without hitting the brakes at all. Progress.

I think when I race fresh, and I am not doing my own personal back to backs, I could hang on longer and actually race with the 4's. One day!