Jun 19, 2010

Fudge and Thunder - Elkhorn Stage 3

I decided that some local fresh fudge was in order for Stage 3....since I wasn't racing anymore. As a spectator I have to talk to myself constantly, since the voice in my head is trying to talk to the athlete inside. I don't eat sugar, but I also never quit a race, so I figured fudge was in order.

On the warm sidewalk I cut lovely slivers of fudge and screamed for my teammates who were doing well in Stage 3. Since I am the only Cat 4 Sorella here, everyone else was racing in the 1,2,3 and masters group. Jen dominated from the get go, and had already decided this morning that she was going to win, and win she did! That was great to watch, especially after Anne won the crit at Cherry Blossom, our team is doing really well this year.

My body is so tired, I can't wait to sleep. Tomorrow I will drive the team car, and be support to the rest of the team.