Jul 24, 2010

Driving the Team Truck - Elkhorn Stage 4

Anne's truck keys in hand, I was ready for stage 4 - from the safety of a dry warm truck. The weather was awful, and I was on rider pick up duty. I started the day at Bella with Bev, and we sat around and drank coffee, chatting while everyone else was racing in the pouring rain. Me and my lungs were happy to be indoors.

I drove up the backside of the mountain to the finish line, and there wasn't much going on up there, so I started driving down the course backwards, heading to the feed zones. I ended up finding Anne and Jan when another vehicle was flagging me down with a Sorella jersey, and I pulled over so they could jump in. Cold and wet, they had stopped riding at one of the feed zones, and had no interest in hurting themselves any further. 3 Sorellas down, 3 still in the race. We headed to the final feed zone and waited for the women to roll by. Everyone looked good when they passed, so we drove up to the finish.

Freezing cold we saw the finish one by one, and what an impressive climb to end on. We got them changed and warmed, and they devoured some pizza while we waited for the podium.

It was nice to end the race as support car, and to get a feel for driving behind the packs. I am not sure if I will do more stage races, I am going to enjoy the rest of the summer and race less, ride more.... and see what happens.