Mar 14, 2010

Getting serious about 2010....

(Suzanne with her GU)
Despite the shenanigans, serious training for the 2010 race season has begun. With a new Cervelo in tow, refined sugar and wheat eliminated from the 2010 diet, the trainer dusted off, and the Universal Sports channel acquired... things are looking up for a great road season.

With lots of base miles already in the bank, and some unexpected sunny weekends in February, I am looking forward to distance and stage racing. I really just love to ride all damn day long. It's gotten to the point where Reach The Beach doesn't sound fun unless it also includes riding home from the beach.

STP was great in terms of miles in one day, I would love to find comparable rides/races that did not involved 10,000 people piling up left and right from riding too close together. RAMROD if they let me in?

Until then it's Saturday rides, Sunday rides, Wednesday rides, anyday rides.

Press Play: 2010 race season has begun - BB3

Banana Belt 3! AKA "I don't race in February, and now it's March"

Revenge on the Banana Belt! Last year it was Jeff Tedder saying "I'd be happy to never race at Haag Lake again", and me saying something along the lines of hating Banana Belt with a whole lot more swear words thrown in.

I did not want to start the 2010 race season with a DNF, and Haag is good at DNF's. I had planned on not ever racing when it was below 50 degrees, as that is when the asthma kicks in and I can't do race pace at all, never mind breathe. Thanks to advice from Dr. Judy I invested in an albuterol nebulizer this year, and since it was hovering around freezing this morning, I knew the neb was in order. At least it wasn't raining.

Anne (center in the pic above) of course had an adapter in her truck, and I was able to plug in the nebulizer in her car, and breathe in the drugs. Gittery and lungs opened, I felt ready to race. Katy and I had gotten there early enough to ride around for a good 45 minutes before the race, change clothes, pee three time, eat more oatmeal and just generally fuck around, so that helped.

The Cat 4 field was pretty big, but with Bonnie, Katy, Carolyn and myself in the mix, we figured we'd have a decent back of the pack crew. Katy and I rode together as best as we could for the first half of the race, trying to catch the Blue Sky rider ahead of us. We caught up with her and stayed as a group of three for a little while until I got dropped off the back and Carolyn caught me from behind. Carolyn and I spent the last lap together, and I was feeling it at this point. I had been struggling with my breathing the entire race, which is I think why Katy dropped me, but thanks to the warm up and the nebulizer I was able to stabilize the asthma enough to stay in the race and put down a pretty good pace.

Carolyn and I were about to get neutralized about 2k from the finish, and for some reason that pissed me off enough to sprint in front of the lead car. I held the car off for a bit, and was passed by the women 3's with under 1k to go. At this point I gunned it to avoid finishing with their follow cars, and came in right behind them, which was a great time to pretend I was finishing with the 3's.

All in all it was a decent way to start the 2010 race season, and put some good sprints in the bank. I'm feeling pretty good that with some more specialized training strategies, warmer weather and the Cervelo I should be able to win a few medals, or at least a few points.