May 16, 2010

Silverton Road Race - Chasing Amy

Silverton Road Race - Sunday May 16th, 35 miles
Two laps of rollers... or hills... or rolling hills.
I had two goals:

1) Race with tired legs
2) Descend well

I successfully did both of those things. 65 miles yesterday set me up to be tired, and a couple weeks of descending practice paid off. I learned how to lean onto the front wheel, descend in my drops, and trust my bike. I only got minor speed wobble once, which still concerns me, but I was able to adjust and control it. Sally wasn't so lucky, and her speed wobbles caused her to crash in the ditch. She was OK, but it is was a good reminder that speed wobbles are scary and serious.. and both of us need to figure out why we are getting them. Headset? Operator error? Bike fit?

It was a small field which was nice, but I did get dropped at mile 3.5, along with a few others. 3 or so were behind me, and I caught up to Amy from Bend. I spent the next 25 miles inches from her rear wheel, trying to pull a couple times but she was simply stronger. I slipped back about 200m with 10 miles to go, and spent the last 10 holding that 200m gap. I could see her ahead of me, but that was it, I was tired.

I was really happy with the way I was able to go down the hills. I stayed in my drops and did most of lap two without hitting the brakes at all. Progress.

I think when I race fresh, and I am not doing my own personal back to backs, I could hang on longer and actually race with the 4's. One day!

May 2, 2010

Getting called a "Faggot" while doing a Time Trial

The funniest TT I have ever raced = Estacada TT

I woke with menstrual cramps and all the usual tired/sore/slow things that come along with that, and downed 3 Alleve.

Lesson number 1= don't expect to be on top of your game with 3 Alleve hitting your brain.

I had a couple nice goals, and since I had the Cervelo out I thought I could race pretty well (it is about the bike).

I was doing pretty fine until mile 12 (of 20), when a passing car decided to have the passenger lean out the window as they were passing me and yell "Faggot!" in my face. I held my line and decided that was the funniest thing I had ever been called in a race, and was happy to find out I look just as gay on the bike as I do off the bike :)

Lesson number 2= Don't let passing cars asshole screams throw you off your game

The side effect however that was my drug induced Alleve brain went on all kinds of tangents thinking about gender and queerness and drag queens.... and all of a sudden a Veloforma girl in full skin suit, aero helmet, million dollar TT bike, etc., passes me on the left, and I yell "GO VELOFORMA!". Then it occured to me: WAIT, this is a race, I'm supposed to be racing right now! I looked at my computer: mile 15. I had lolligagged for 3 miles day dreaming about gayness pretending it was a Sunday ride. Naturally I stepped on the gas and caught up to Veloforma, wondering if I should pass her back or not. Pass I did, easily, since I had just "rested" for three miles, and I put my full throttle into the last 5 miles. I held off Veloforma girl the entire 5 miles, and finished ahead of her. She must think I am a total asshole letting her pass me and yelling "GO VELOFORMA", only to immediately pass her back and hold her off on my road bike and non TT set up.

Lesson number 3= Don't cheer for a Veloforma girl when she passes you and then pass her right back.

Finish time 1hr 3 minutes... I think I probably lost 4-5 minutes in my "tangent", which means if I had actually remembered it was a race, I probably could have cleaned up at under an hour.

Too funny.